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Writing Articles for Your Web Clients

Writing Articles for Your Web Clients

You should begin your sentences with strong subjects and verbs. Posts that tell the reader who is acting and what the actor is doing. Leading with strong subjects and verbs puts the most important words at the beginning of the sentence and condenses your text.

Proofread and Test Before You Publish

People notice mistakes, and seemingly small errors like typos and bad links can make a site look unprofessional or unreliable and can drive visitors away. Testing your content is an essential part of the online publishing process.

Shorten and Strengthen Sentences

Be aware that short, strong sentences are the essence of good Web content. Research shows that most people scan a webpage first to see if it’s worth their while and streamlined text helps readers see the value of your text quickly.

Write for the Web

Anyone can publish on the Web, but not everyone is publishing material that’s ideal for online reading. Both Google and Yahoo have published style guides, they offer great tips to writing and editing for the Web. People read online text differently, and they have different expectations when they read it ,most notably, they expect instant gratification, the ability to find what they want on a webpage fast.

Identify Your Audience

In general, people visit websites for specific information they are looking for or to perform a task as quickly as possible. If a site doesn’t deliver what they want, the way they want it, they’ll leave faster than you can say “out of here” That’s why it’s essential to understand the people who are visiting your site, what they want, what they need, and how they pursue their goals online.

Define Your Voice

Your need to define your voice whether you are a writer or other creative artist expresses your unique style: in words, on the screen, in a video, in a song, or a photo. On the Web, your voice is the way your site expresses its distinctive personality and point of view.

Construct Clear, Compelling Copy

Clear, compelling writing makes online content easy to scan and understand. It grabs the reader’s interest and doesn’t let go. Enticing, well written headlines can reach out from searches and mobile devices to pull people into your site; ho-hum headlines send them away.

Be Inclusive, Write for the World

“Are you speaking to me?” That’s a question your site’s visitors are asking as they decide whether to read further or find another website. If they feel confused, excluded, or offended by your content, they won’t be back.

Make Your Site Accessible to Everyone

Millions of people in the United States and around the world have some sort of disability; millions more care deeply about these individuals. Making your website accessible to as many people as possible makes sense and it takes just a little thought and planning to accomplish.

Write Clear User-Interface Text

Your site’s usability depends on the design and features of your user interface (UI), but it also depends on the quality of your user interface text: the copy that orients people on your site and helps them move around it.

Streamline Text for Mobile Devices

Imagine shoehorning your webpage onto a matchbook cover. That’s what mobile devices do to your content. And more and more people are accessing the Web and Web content on the go, not to mention making use of text messaging–to communicate with friends, of course, but also to receive alerts from schools, businesses, and other organizations.


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