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SEO Blogging Tips

SEO Blogging Tips

An audience development blog is a valuable tool for interacting with online audiences and establishing a reputation within your market.

As any audience development professional will tell you, SEO is one of the most important components of developing an audience development blog. Below, I’ve listed a collection of SEO blogging tips that will help you better understand the process of driving targeted traffic to your website.

SEO blogging tips at a glance

SEO blogging tip #1: Keyword research – Use the Google Keyword Tool to find search volume for your primary and secondary keyword phrases.

SEO blogging tip #2: Optimization – Use your keyword phrases in the headline, subhead, body copy, and metadata of your landing pages.

SEO blogging tip #3: Link building – Establish relationships with other blogs and ask them for links to your content. Creating great content may lead to links in itself.

SEO blogging tip #4: Social media – Don’t just spread content through Twitter and Facebook; target your keywords and relevant users when possible.

SEO blogging tip #5: Content – Avoid low-quality content that doesn’t provide value to your audience. Google may penalize Websites with large amounts of low-quality content.

SEO blogging tip #6: Affiliate programs – If you are running affiliate programs, make sure your partners are reputable. Associations with spamming websites can lead to penalties from Google as well.

SEO blogging tip #7: Proper linking practices – The wrong balance of links is another focus of Google’s recent algorithm change. Reputable inbound links are good, while having too many cross-links from your own websites, affiliate links, or exact match anchor text links can lead to problems.

SEO blogging tip #8: Engagement – Social engagement is an element in favorable rankings. Blog comments, shares, and likes all show Google that your content has value.

SEO blogging tip #9: Keyword use – Optimizing your content with keywords is a positive strategy, however you need to keep your optimization to a safe amount. Keyword stuffing and over-optimization can lead to penalties.

SEO blogging tip #10: Avoiding punishable offenses – As addressed above, low unaligned content, relationships with spammers, and poor engagement can have negative results. Avoiding all of these is recommended to continue receiving search engine traffic.


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