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Affiliate Marketing Programs For Newbies

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Newbies

Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing markets to make money online. There are a a number of programs available depending on what you are interested in. Some are focused toward those who have the skills to create a website and write squeeze pages to attract people to their products. However, there are plenty of affiliate marketing programs for people new to the Internet that offer a complete system to support a person just starting out.

I will offer a number of recommendations that should help you get started with your search for your own business in the affiliate marketing world.

  • Market Niche

One of the more important things to look for in an online business is the customer base. Like any business even if you have a great business and marketing plan, but if there is no demand for your product or service, then you won’t have a business.

If you search on Google for affiliate marketing you will find over seventy million search results. This demonstrates a tremendous interest and demand for online businesses.

There are companies like, Ebay, and Go Daddy. Others for example, such as Apple have affiliate programs that anyone can join. Apple pays a commission of 2% for their Online Store and offer all the materials required to market. There are legitimate businesses out there that you can engage every day in the affiliate marketing space.

  • Training Program

All affiliate marketing programs should share an easy way for new people in this market to learn how it all works. Education is the key. If you can find an affiliate marketing program that will take the time to educate you on how to run your online business and offer the resources to help you succeed.

One recommendation is do a lot of research before you commit your hard earned money to any program! Understand the features and benefits before you invest!

For example,

Consider buying a Wendy’s franchise and not getting any training on how to run the operation or any information on how to cook the hamburgers or fries. Of course, you may figure it out after a while, but Wendy’s has a tried and true program on how they run their stores. It has a proven system to be successful for many years. If you find an affiliate program that is good, and can make you money, it certainly had better teach you how to run your new business as well no matter the investment.

In order to be successful at any business, you need to have a specific interest in the products or service you are providing. If you have no interest, then your client will not have one either!

Be sure to know what you are selling or promoting and be able to talk intelligently about those services. A good general rule is to have an elevator pitch available which is basically a 1 minute speech where you can quickly explain the business.

  • Marketing Materials

Another thing is you need to know your products or services so well that you can deliver a marketing pitch without hesitation. Any good affiliate marketing program should have these type of short descriptions readily available.

However, you would have been inundated with these pitches over and over during the recruitment of yourself into that affiliate marketing program. Use them and re-use them for yourself.

More importantly, a beginning program in affiliate marketing should always include a quick start program for any new person. Whether it be a starter kit and you should be provided a first step or easy setup program. Some programs provide you with a free or low cost website.

Many have a “university” program which provides training and tools to teach more about the product or service. Find a mentor to help you along the way! Do your research carefully and ask tons of questions!

Just a Note:

If you have an aggressive person contacting you to join their program and they say that you have a deadline to join! Walk Away ASAP! Any good program is always available and open to your questions and there are no time limits!

  • Online Presence

This is a very important step in starting any online business is by having an actual presence online. Any affiliate marketing program should kick start your home based business with the best available website and tools possible.

Make sure the affiliate website has an education program on how to market along with a great set of products will give you a great start to making money at home with your affiliate marketing business.

As you become more experienced, you should consult with Professionals on how you could expand your presence online with a personalized website. A personalized Website can be much more effective that a canned program site.

Look for the best affiliate marketing programs by making sure they are legitimate, honest and ethical.

Know what you are getting into. In addition, become educated on the products and theories behind how to market your website and affiliate links.

  • Summary

Don’t be fooled, starting a business online is hard work because setting up and maintaining your website does take time and perseverance!

  • Avoid companies who claim that with their program you will make $10k per month in 90 days! That does not happen!
  • If you use a blog site, expect to write a new blog everyday. To succeed in affiliate marketing. Find the best program and that can help give you the momentum to online success.
  • Be sure to write a business plan and treat your business the same as any small business!
  • Create a list that you can advertise to, this takes time!

Please feel free to contact me for a personal consultation or visit my Website for recommendations, my company Gate One Marketing also offers free training and consulting to support Affiliate Marketing programs for newbies.


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