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TopScan, Ltd

Gate One Marketing took TopScan, Ltd from a Worldwide Alexa Ranking of 4.1M to 407k in 30 days with the old website called to newly designed website called Rankings improved from 438 visitors per day to 4819 per day. (An 1100% increase!)  Their USA Alexa Ranking moved from 538,160 to 55,241 which is a 974% increase. The daily page views per day increased from 300 to 3,301 with an average page view per user increased from 2.7 to 7.3 per visitor.  The result, Sales went up 500%!The Websites value went from $11,521 to $50,482 in the same 30 day time frame. An increase of 438%! Gate One provided PCI Compliant Shopping cart linked to a major fulfillment services company and designed a Facebook page with a PPC marketing campaign.

Rafaela Art and Design Gallery

This was an exciting and fun project for Gate One Marketing, The marketing question, how do we take an Internationally known Artist who’s Painting’s and Jewelry designs were so beautiful to a worldwide Alexa ranking of 2,287,917 to 275,750 in 30 days? Rafaela’s Art Gallery website now has a USA Alexa Ranking of 51,410 and over 1827 visitors per day! Her new Website is worth $84,627 in 15 days compared to her old site of $9,354. Her Daily Page views are over 6400 pages per day with 8.3 Pages Viewed per User. Gate One Marketing put Rafaela’s paintings on Fine Art America which allowed us to expand her paintings Worldwide! Gate One Marketing re-designed her Website to enhance her beautiful Paintings and Jewelry designs to a new level.with an innovative approach to Website Design with two sites in one!

Face-Them is another exciting project which Gate One Marketing created to put Start-up companies “Face to Face” with Investors in a “Live Stream Broadcast” where Entrepreneurs can present their Business Plans to potential Investors. This is a first in the industry, as it is an interactive Live Stream broadcast ever! the Website has gone from 8,785, 599 to less than 418,080 in three weeks based on the Alexa Ranking! Gate One drives results, please contact us to see how we can help your business!

Vaughn Associates

Gate One Marketing assumed the maintenance and upgrading of Vaughn Associate Website as of  February 2012. Since that time, we driven the Alexa Ranking down to 390k from 4.8M. This is more than 10X lower for other Websites in this niche. Again, a lot of this decline was based on advanced SEO strategies that Gate One Marketing employs. These same strategies can help your business succeed on the Internet!

One Minute Tennis Lessons – Mike Van Zutphen

Gate One Marketing International contracted with Mike Van Zutphen – A USTA Master Pro to build his website to market his new books and his One Minute Tennis Lessons.  Stay Tuned for our regular updates as this site is a work in progress. Mike’s site has dropped to 526k from 5.2M in the Alexa Rankings in 5 weeks! Again, this based on our SEO development, before the site has even launched! Stay Tuned!

Scott Nichols – Author of the book “On the Other Hand

Scott Nichols is a leading Pro Tennis Coach and the author of “On the Other Hand” a tennis book dedicated to teaching the nuisances of using the other hand to improve your Tennis game! Please Join us as we move Scott forward on the Internet. Since the launch of Scott’s site, the Alexa Ranking has dropped from 4.9M to 449K in 7 weeks based on our advanced SEO techniques.

HNC Inc – Two Sites – Health Net Charities and HNC Dry Cleaners

We created these two sites in a week and launched 4/25/2012, we are now down to 700k from 9M in the Alexa Rankings. Health Net Charities is a 501c3 non-profit organization and HNC Dry Cleaners is a for profit commercial dry cleaning company.

The Pathway to Health

The Pathway To Health was created to help you and your family employ natural healing. This is a great Website for those people who are into a healthy lifestyle and desire to know more about the best natural healing processes available! Gate One Marketing is proud to create their website! In just the few weeks we have worked on the site, their Alexa Ranking has dropped from 5.8M to 760K. Please go visit the site and learn more!

I started my new blog site 10 days ago and it has gone from 8.7M to 668k and I have just launched the site! I have been adding content while implementing my SEO strategies as well as adjusting the themes of the site. Please Note – I launched this site because my original domain expired and due to an expired email address, it was picked up by a person who then expected me to pay his price to have my name back. He just lost his money because I will not submit to blackmail! is now at 400k is the Alexa Ranking.

Gate One Marketing can help your business achieve the same results! Please contact us so we can develop an Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Plan for your business!



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